Thursday 19 December 2013

Not so shabby dolls house

Its been a while since I posted anything about that old dolls house so I thought it might be about time to update you.

Modern dolls house, bright dolls house, doll house

Turns out that it is A LOT of work to rennovate a dolls house, maybe not as much as a people sized one but the tiny scale makes things more fiddly! It has taken me hours/weeks/months of sanding scraping, scouring ebay, hobby shops and the local trader to find the bits and pieces I need to finish it off. If I were to count up the hours it has taken me, it's pretty safe to say it would become clear I need more  to do with my time but it was a fun project and enjoyed every moment of it.

I have to confess its kinda hard not to turn into a crazy lady here too and get carried away. As I was excitedly showing a friend what I have done so far and what I had planned to do I started telling her how I needed to order some baulistrade for the stairs to which she kindly pointed out that would be important to stop any kids from falling down them....

Anyway enough chatter here she is....

modern dolls house

A cozy little lounge room -Sad to say tidier than my own will ever be

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