Tuesday 14 January 2014

Our little house...

Over the next year I am hoping to include a series of blog posts on what I hope will be the transformation of our little 2 x 1 cottage into a more modern 4 x 2 with plenty of space for our growing family.

As they say don't count your chickens before they hatch, I have been hesitant to blog about our planned renovation but slowly slowly the wheels of progress are turning and we should be on our way to our new home very soon!

After working with our very clever building designer Cherie from Design Pitch we have a design we are super excited about. We are now just waiting on the our building permit from our local council and finalised engineering drawings. It is exciting stuff for us here as this is something we have been dreaming off for quite a few years now.

After pouring over endless examples of home remodels, stalking real estate websites for house tours to get ideas, the dreaded pinterest and a small fortune spent on design, home and renovation magazines Mr DD and I have come up with a pretty strong vision of what we need for our family to be happy and comfortable.

Aside from the essential of creating additional bedrooms, we really wanted a more open plan communal living space for our family to go about our business. While we love our current home dearly, just like typical 1950s homes in Perth it's very closed in with separate rooms for each purpose. This isn't super fun when you have a cheeky toddler and a crawling almost walking baby, turn my back for a second and the mischief happens!

I thought I would share a little tour of our "new" house plus a few pictures of our little house as it currently is.

This is what it looked like when we bought it (please excuse the horrid google maps picture it's all I could find)

How it looks today

perth home renovation

perth home renovation

And the not so pretty bits... Our shoddy old sleep out complete with creepy laundry

Currently used as a dumping ground for my crafty stuff and kids play room

1950's australian sleep out

Also behind this baby gate is pretty much where we always throw our shoes to safety as Alice (the baby not the dog) likes to chew them 
1950's australian sleep out

Behind the door here is this creepy room..

1950's australian sleep out renovation

Just in case you were wondering that is my dishwasher right there I had to have one because washing dishes is my most hated chore

australian 1950's home renovation

The back view of our house, it looks better from this distance rather than up close. This is all going! The only sad part is that hubs outdoor "man toilet" which is to the left (and cant really see) will also go. It's all to make room for this...

Modern, energy efficient, light and bright and totally rad

Modern 1950's home renovation

A quick peek inside at the concept drawing. Not really what I have in mind for the decor but gives a great feel for how the space will work. Just behind the right kitchen wall will be our new ensuite bathroom and walk in robe and behind the sitting area wall there will be a new un-creepy laundry.

Modern 1950's home renovation

It is quite a dramatic contrast between the original house but I just didn't want to go down the  period reproduction path as it's just not us and we quite like the concept of contrasting old and new.

Do you have plans for your own renovation project? What would you do if you could change part of your home? I always love comments so would love to read yours!

-Dani xo

If you live in Perth Western Australia and are thinking about undertaking your own renovation and would like Cherie from Design Pitch's contact details please drop me an email!


  1. Ooooh!! Looks fantastic! :) can't wait to see the progress. Laughed out loud at the baby chewing your shoes :) And you have a dishwasher... I am envious. We don't have one and I keep telling my husband my hands are going to look like a 99-year-old woman's when I am 30.

    1. Thankyou Maya :) Bit of a funny coincidence here... not sure if you recognise the layout but a few years back while I was looking at houses we can't afford on realestate.com I found this amazing one in Mount Hawthorne I loved everything about it so I saved all the sale photos on my laptop so I could use as a reference for the maybe one day extention. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it again on your amazing blog last week, so awesome to read all about it and find out who the interior designer was!
      Yes it looks quite hilarious when she comes crawling into the room with a shoe in her mouth like a proud puppy, not so funny when she ate the velvet of my new flats last month though!
      Hot tip to get a dishwasher, just don't do the dishes he will surely cave. Its actually just as much work carting the dishes back and forth but its a good place to hide dirty dishes when you have company haha x

  2. Sounds a lot like we are doing. I started a blog to capture the memories and progress of our extension. We have a Edwardian house in Melbourne and are adding a small extension at the back with two bedrooms on top of it.

    Unlike you though, we are not doing it in a modern style.

    Feel free to check out our progress though.


    1. Thanks for sharing your blog Nat always great to hear from fellow DIY-er renovators. Your home looks just lovely and I am sure will be worth all the dust and frustrations when you are done. We are still a few weeks away from demolition day and I am sure I wont feel as excited once our house is a dusty building site but I cannot wait to get started!

  3. Jessica Brosnan3 April 2014 at 19:05

    only just seen these pics dan! Broz tried to explain what the final look will be but didn't imagaine it would as amazing as this! Enjoy the reno's and look forward to following the progress x

    1. Thanks Lovely. Can't wait to host our first dinner in our new dining area eeek!!

  4. The mock up looks great. I love all the natural light you'll get with those windows.

    1. Thankyou! We are now at the stage of waiting for our windows and doors to go in so it can be locked up and it is just beautiful so much light makes me happy


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