Tuesday 11 March 2014

A cup of tea with me

Well hello there! This is my very last  Blog with Pip class post which has now sadly come to it's end. For those who have been following along for a while welcome back!! Those who may have clicked on my blog through Meet me at Mikes thanks for coming to visit I really hope you can stop by again sometime x

I thought instead of a bunch of Q & A's to tell you a little more about myself I would tell you a story. So help yourself to a cup of tea and grab a seat.

When I was a little girl, I lived far far away from where I live now in a big old house that was once a nunnery. It was so majestic and grand in my eyes, and spread over three levels. The top of which I was completely terrified to venture onto.

At some point in time before I was old enough to remember, I am certain that one of my many older cousins would have told me that the top floor was haunted by something terrible. Looking back now it was most likely a good ploy on their part to keep the pesky little Dani from trying to hang with the big kids.
For a long time it completely worked.

While we lived in this old house, my mother being the enterprising woman that she is set up a bed and breakfast which due to a combination of her delicious breakfasts and some fabulous luck quickly became a great success. During the tourist season of our little town, we always had a full house of fascinating strangers coming and going. I can be sure this is where my curious and questioning nature grew from. As I grew so too did my curiosity and most importantly for the story, my bravado.

One day while my mum was occupied elsewhere, and our newest batch of guests were out for the day I made a bold move.

Swallowing my fears I ran up those stairs
                                                                            to the top.

Once there with my heart racing, the next obvious step was to go into the guest rooms to have a look around....

I will stop here to apologize before I continue to anyone that may have ever stayed with us back in the late 80's I really didn't mean any harm going through all of your stuff I just thought you were super interesting and I was also so incredibly nosy SORRY!!

So now I wasn't scared of ghosts on the top floor and I had a new and exciting hobby YAY!!

All of this excitement came to a crashing halt one fateful day. I had become pretty brazen and had crept upstairs while several guests sat around in the guest lounge. That day I made an exciting discovery in an elderly lady travelers room.

Something I don't think I had ever seen before, I could only assume it was some kind of exotic hat.

It was lovely and had lace and interesting straps maybe a little confusing as it had a place for two heads not one, but I really felt I could pull it off. So overcome with pride of my risque fashion and certain I looked completely fabulous.

The only decent thing to do would be to strut my butt down those stairs shouting
to the room full of people....

My fashion debut came to a crushing halt that day as my mortified mother ripped the giant brassiere of my head and quickly returned it to an equally mortified elderly woman. Sadly my adventures up the stairs ended that same day.

The End (but not really)

That's me front and centre of the town playgroup float next to my doll Princess Carrot Nose

25 something years later, I am (mostly) all grown up and rarely wear bras on my head however some things will never change. I still have a pretty overactive imagination. I still believe in ghosts - there may be one living in my laundry. I want to know everything about everyone and love to hear stories about others misadventures. I read stories, books, blogs, the news until I can't keep my eyes open any longer at night and I am still an unashamed show pony.

I often think back to that beautiful old house I once lived in. I felt so safe and happy there, I thought it was fun, beautiful, grand and exciting. So now I am also a dreamer, one day I might be able to recapture that magic in my own home for my family.

Little me (age three) outside the front of our  bed and breakfast

So if you are feeling up to it and would like to indulge me I would absolutely LOVE to have a stickybeak into who you are! Do you have a funny story of your childhood, a special memory or a blog of your own you want to share with me? Don't be shy share your story/ link below!

Dani xo


  1. Lovely story Dani! And you certainly have a mischievous glint in your eye as a young girl x

    1. Thanks Karen, I certainly gave my poor mum a run for her money!

  2. hehehehe - great story Dani! What a super cute little girl you were!!

  3. you had me totally hooked, great story and insight into you

  4. Some stories from our childhood really sum up our personality, don't they? I get the impression this one does perfectly for you and I love it!

    1. Thankyou Heike, I generally don't rummage through house guests luggage anymore but the urge is still there I'm still a snoop haha

  5. Oh Dani I was so scared of ghosts, vampires, witches. or anything like that. I've had to learn to be curious and brave since my fear of getting in trouble always was bigger. I loved seeing a little glimpse of who you were as a child. sometimes curiosity wins!

  6. Such a great story. I sense there could be a whole novel around the guests that came and went.

  7. Lovely story. What an interesting childhood having so many guests around you! x

  8. Gorgeous post Dani. I loved reading it, thanks!

  9. Dani, what an amazing way to introduce yourself. I loved your story. One of my greatest childhood memories is organising the boys in the neighbourhood to abseil off the balcony of my two storey house with only a neon skipping rope as their support. I made it, most of the boys didn't dare! I'm a fellow blogging classmate at www.carolynryder.com and I'd love to read more of your stuff. xx Caro

    1. Haha Caro that sounds like a great adventure, I am sure those boys wont have forgotten about that day either!

  10. Great post Dani, sounds like a great house to grow up in, I'm sure you've loads of stories to tell.


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