About me

Yes I am aware how much of a dork I look here :p

Well hello there!
I’m Dani, The Domestic darling
I live with my hot as husband, two little people and our disaster prone dog in an old 1950’s home in the most isolated city in the world Perth. The hubs is a FIFO (fly in fly out worker) so I do the mum thing a lot on my own.

I started my blog The Domestic Darling back in 2012 as a place to share some cool crafty things to make, sewing projects to inspire, delicious food and recipes to make your mouth water and some home DIY projects thrown in for good measure. I love to make things and make just about anything, clothing, cakes, dinners, babies and messes in the kitchen.

After the arrival of baby number two, I drastically changed my eating (and eating and eating... and eating) habits so now have a new love and appreciation for healthy living. Now not only do I like to share my not so healthy recipes I have started sneaking in a few good whole food healthy recipes.

Thanks for stopping by hope to see you round more often

Dani xo


  1. Oh hello cute-face! So nice to meet you here!! :) xx

    1. Thank you so much for visiting me Pip! Loving your classes so fun and interesting x

  2. Just found you via Pip's blog. I'm a Perth gal & a FIFO wife/mum too so thought I'd stick around :) Love what I've read so far :)

    1. Hi Reannon nice to meet you and thanks so much for stoping by x


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