Wednesday 8 October 2014

Project owner build- the latest

Keeping my promise this week I have some updates on our home renovation! It's been another crazily busy few weeks while the hubs is home but we are so happy with our progress.

This week the tilers are here putting our tiles down and the texture coaters will be here at the end of the week to transform the exterior from that lovely blue cement board to something a little more conventional.

Power isn't connected yet but most of the lights are in and the wiring is almost done. Possibly the best bit about having an electrician husband is that I can be a total pain in the bum insisting on OTT lighting and he just goes along with it (mostly).

In the next fortnight our concrete floors will get the final polish, this is one thing I cannot wait for as it will mean no more dust!! Once the floors are finished the rest of our kitchen can go in. As nice as the plyboard benchtops are (joking) I think we might go for something a little more robust!

Just in case you had forgotten, this is what the back of our house used to look like..

And how it's looking these days...

I know the blue is nice right?!

plyboard paneling
Rather than go for the usual options of gyprock or wooden paneling for our alfresco ceiling, we really wanted to try something different so opted for plyboard ceilings. The house is modern enough to pull it off and there isn't actually a huge cost difference between ply and gyprock.

There is however a bit more work that goes into installing them as they need to be exact cuts, and the channel spacing between each board has a long strip of wood painted black behind it (so it doesn't look ugly). Overall we are pretty happy with the look and I think it will look great once its all finished.

ply board outdoor ceiling
The hubs is ready to install our external downlights after carefully cutting out the spaces. This was a bit of a nail biting job as the ply can't really be repaired well if the cuts are not perfectly neat.

A quick pic of our new  laundry with the tiles down. I am so so happy with these sadly my horrible iphone photos really don't do them the justice they deserve. The wall to the left will have benchtops, the sink, dryer and washing machine plus overhead cupboards and the wall to the right will have a wall to ceiling built in cupboard with sliding doors for linen, vacume, mop and household junk.

I couldn't get into the ensuite this morning to take better pics as the tilers and cabinet makers were all in there so these will have to do for now. We have a beautiful floating vanity and towel cupboard sitting in here with a benchtop that matches the kitchen cabinetry. The floors will be the same as the laundry with my precious hexagon tiles to go across this wall. If you have instagram and you are following me you might just get a sneak peek later of the bathroom..

Then looking through from the powder room toilet that high window lets in so much light I love it. I also am quite partial to the pendant lighting in here, it is actually 3 lights joined together with a special cover plate to make it look nice and neat. The stunning green colour in case you were wondering is the waterproofing membrane.

Then some shots of the main open plan area.

Looking out to the new dining area, I am especially looking forward to enjoying un cramped dinners with the girls here in the months to come. The view into the garden is also really nice despite all the building refuge and bits of steel laying about.

Looking back towards the original part of the house, the walk in pantry to the left of the picture, fridge and study nook (which I will probably take over with my sewing machines)

So that's it for now! Hubs is back to work for another fortnight and I am sure he is looking forward to the rest. When he comes back we will be moving out of our bedroom temporarily while the doorway to our walk in robe is cut. I'm not looking forward to the insane amount of dust that will accompany the job but oh to have a walk in robe for my clothes and shoes (and some of the hubs of course)

Hope you all love it as much as we do!


P.S I always love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or enquires about trades, products or services please don't be shy! I have also included a couple of the services and products we have used that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend (none are affiliate links in case you were wondering).

Gyprocking and plastering - All Dec ceiling and wall specialists

Asbestos removal and roofing - KBE Asbestos and roofing contractors

Tiles - Myaree ceramics

Architectural design and drafting - Design Pitch

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and stone - M&M cabinetry 


  1. Wow such big changes out the back! Love your lighting fitting and the shade of green you chose. Its coming together nicely so exciting when it starts to take shape!

    1. Yes it's a pretty huge change alright, I just can't believe it's our house! Haha the green is actually just the waterproofing but you are not the first to think that!!

  2. Oh its looking really good. Exciting!

    1. Thanks! I am very proud of the hubs for all the work he's done- can't wait to start moving in now!

  3. Wow that's a huge change! Lovely!

  4. It certainly is a big change Lila, so glad I made sure I took before photos to remember what it once was like. It will be lovely to have so much space for the small ones once it's all finished :)

  5. Okay I'm reading your blog with great interest as I've been told our lock up is approaching soon so need to finalise tiles etc! I find it frustrating with having a project build as any tiny customisation comes in as so much more $$$ when I don't think it really costs that much more.

    Did Melville tiles do the ground tiles in your wet area too? Also, where would you recommend to go looking for light fixtures?

    1. Hi! Yes I did see you are building that is super exciting you are close to lock up now! We are project managing ourselves so fortunately don't have to negotiate with a builder- I don't think they would be friends with us in the end haha I would find it so annoying that they jack up the price so much for small changes.
      I can't recommend Myaree tiles enough they have such a good selection. Tiles are such a hard decision to make as you really have to have a bit of imagination to picture how it might look although I cheated a bit and have an interior designer that I talk to about what will work and to bounce ideas off which really helped. Keep in mind large format and rectified tiles are going to cost more to lay than smaller tiles and you need to be sure you get a good tiler in to do them justice.

      For our lighting we have used a mixture of long life LED's from the electrical wholesaler, beacon lighting and lightingales in Claremont (who are also amazing and have a huge huge range of just about every light you could want and surprisingly not crazily expensive)

      Hope my essay helps!

  6. Looks fabulous Dani!
    Can't wait to see the next instalment

  7. I only discovered your blog recently but I must say I love it already!

    Your house is looking great, such a huge difference between the before and after photos! Looks like it's going to be the perfect house for entertaining. Good luck with the rest of the renovations.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message so pleased that you enjoy my blog :)
      It really is a completely different house now with the extension how it once was all seems like a distant memory now and yes one of our big criteria was a good place to entertain! Can't wait to have our first big party here! :)

  8. Wow. What an amazing project. Your new design is fantastic - I can't go past high ceilings and extra natural light. I've just found your blog (thanks to Solashade link) and it seems I have quite a bit to catch up on.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) we are completely wrapped with the design it's so lovely and bright and a fabulous family space. So pleased to hear you found me via the solarshade blog I will be sure to have a look at yours! :)


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