Tuesday 30 September 2014

My camera isn't broken...

IMG credit Studio Bomba instagram

After having a DSLR camera for a few years, I am completely embarrassed to admit I have NO IDEA how to use it. So finally after so many feeble attempts to use it in manual mode armed with online info graphics and cheat sheets galore and still just not getting it I gave up.

Then a few months back one of my gorgeous friends suggested we enrol in a workshop Studio Bomba in Perth was running on getting out of auto mode and into manual  run by the very talented Angela Higgins and I jumped at the chance to learn what the hell I was doing wrong.

This is not a joke, but an actual attempt I made to use my camera in manual mode... so very very bad.

Turns out it was a lot! 

No big surprise there but it's taught me that I am very much a hands on learner. As I read a text on how to do something, no matter how interested I am in the subject my eyes start to glaze over and my mind starts wandering.... I wonder what I'll cook for dinner.... 

The best bit about our class was that Angela is not some hardcore classical photographer we could never aspire to be, she is actually self taught so I instantly felt at ease. Everything was approached in an easy to understand way that made so much sense to me. 

There is actually a point here aside from telling you how hipster I am participating in Studio Bomba workshops... Just bear with me here

After years of not knowing how to do something, something I actually really wanted to know how to do. I put myself out there and took a class on it. Now I know. 

It was so simple I'm not sure what was holding me back for so long. So now I'm not an expert, my photos are a bit s**t still BUT they are already better and I know they will get even better the more I practice.

Like I said NOT perfect but oh so much better.

So that's it, that's my point.

If there is something you want to learn go and find a class and learn it! Wishing you knew more really doesn't do a whole lot.


P.s if you are in Perth and a bit if a crafty type Studio Bomba has some great day workshops you might be interested in their schedule is HERE and if you can't see any give them a call!


  1. love it!
    Good on you Dani.
    I will be checking them out - thanks for the link. xx

    1. Thanks Jenny :) I think you will really love some of the classes they offer. I am so happy to have done the class it's nice to be excited again about something I had completely given up on. x

  2. Studio bomba is great! I only discovered it recently and it's so close to where I live! I haven't done a course there yet but would definitely like to. Totally agree on getting out there to do something. Earlier this year I was looking around for a sewing group to join that was women around my age and couldn't find anything...so I started my own!! haha :)

    1. That's awesome Nat good on you! I would love to join a sewing group are you looking for any new members? I recently did a class on sewing childrens swimwear and it was hilarious I fit in so well with all the nannas there sewing for their grandchildren hehe

  3. Good on you! I agree you learn so much in a real life, hands on class. I learnt how to quilt that way and improved my sewing skills too! I also do craftsy and creative classes which are kind of the next best thing and I love a good tutorial with images or lots of pictures.

    1. Oh yes I have looked at craftsy a few times and wondered about their classes good to know you enjoyed them I may just need to go and have another look :)

  4. That's fantastic! I think it's so good for the soul to expand yourself creatively.

  5. Oh it's so great to learn new things!

    I have been meaning to get to a Studio Bomba class for so long..


    1. Ooh Tash there are so many cool workshops that they offer I think you will really enjoy them x


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