Thursday 25 September 2014

Friday finds

I won't try and deny it, I am unashamedly a shopping junkie in store, online wherever it's all good. I have however been TRYING to curb my habit to save a bit of the moolah for our house. So in the meantime there is no harm in just looking and maybe sharing my favorite fines
with my readers... right ???

Hidden in among the fever that is replica furniture these days, there are some incredible furniture designers out there bringing us new, creative and irresistible designs. My latest loves are for Redfoxandwilcox  two kiwi chicks over east making beautiful furniture like this...

There are options of steel frame colours, dimensions and top material (wood, marble or glass) and that's not even the best bit...

They also can make custom made dining and hall table tops in some really exciting and beautiful custom designs.

You can pick your choice of legs...

Or if you already have your own table top, you can purchase these cool hairpin legs on their own.

I strongly suspect that once we have recovered from this home renovation one of these might be sneaking its way into our home.

Before you start feeling all sad and think that these are insanely expensive they are not (the freight over to WA isn't obscene either) Did I mention they are also made from recycled wood to??

To see some more of their custom work not on their webpage you should definitely go and visit their Facebook page.

Cool affordable design AND green friendly for the win!


P.S I was not PAID for this post, nor did I receive any goods to do so, my opinions are purely my own - I just think hooray for lady furniture makers doing cool stuff you should know about. 

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