Wednesday 9 April 2014

Project Owner build - Minimising stress

Well hello there! I'm still here and (mostly) still sane despite all the dust and scary cracks appearing in the walls and ceilings.

If you have ever watched the block or a home renovation show you might have noticed the varying levels of freak outs that people tend to have when building and renovating and if you have renovated yourself you will know first hand exactly what I am talking about.

A broken MrDD after a huge weekend getting Ally's room ready, Block FansvsFaves winners Chantelle and Steve and Josh and Jenna all having meltdown moments IMG credit &

I am not the most laid back of people and I tend to wind myself up about small things like dust pretty easily so I am sharing some of my tips on how to reduce the stress that have worked for crazy old me.

  • Allow more time for jobs you are doing yourself than you think you will actually need ESPECIALLY  if its something you have never done before. Our siteworks were ticking along nicely until the bobcat unearthed two massive leach drains that had to be removed meaning we lost a whole day ripping them out, and filling the giant hole they left back in.

  • If you are planning to stay living in your home while you renovate, spend extra time to prepare the house to make it as comfortable and livable while you are doing the build works.

  • Again if you are staying at home, have a big de-clutter and clear out of anything and everything you don't need immediately or can live without for the time being. Put all the stuff you don't need but don't want to get rid of into storage.

  • Keep a close eye on your budget and ensure that the money is being spent in the right places, think of the bigger picture over the finer details that can be completed later on down the track. 

  • Try to maintain at least one room as a "sanctuary" that is clutter and dust free as possible. There might be times when the mess drives you mad so somewhere that looks half reasonable and clean can be a godsend.

  • Where possible set aside time to relax and have fun, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as they say. If you don't have an urgent deadline make sure you take a breather once and a while. Occupying every waking moment with plaster and a hammer is exhausting.

  • Try and maintain your sense of humor, the phrase if you don't laugh you will cry springs to mind. 

  • Stuff WILL go wrong that's pretty much a promise - just take a deep breath and keep on going. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my photos of the HUGE cracks that have been appearing in our walls and ceilings eeek!! You can also read about our paint fail for Ally's room HERE.

  • Remember to communicate with your partner (if you are part of a couple that is) even on the smallest of things. Discuss your plans and what you have in mind clearly- failure to do so may mean your new colourbond roof is Federation red when you actually wanted Dune...... 
Ok it still looks nice so I am really truly over it now but I can still lament. IMG source

  • Don't forget that you both (pretty much) want the same thing at the end of the day which is a beautiful home, that might mean a compromise and possibly a red roof.

Phew! Have you renovated before?? What would be your tips to minimize stress? Or do you have a horror story? I always love to read your comments so don't be shy!

Dani xo


  1. Love these! Totally agree with keeping one room clean and tidy. Also, maintaining a clean kitchen with empty benchtops - it is a mood booster. When our kitchen is dirty and messy and the rest of the house is a reno mess I feel my energy levels dip! x

    1. Ahhh Maya my hubs would love you as I am horrible at keeping our kitchen benches tidy I am blaming the fact that I hate the old kitchen so much I just dump stuff and run haha x

  2. These are some great tips - I say if you dont laugh you cry so often because something does go wrong and what can you do but just laugh and get on fixing it! Having a breather and day off from house stuff every now and then is a must too. Always have wine and beers in the fridge at the ready after a long day of renovating and give your partner lots of praise and encouragement to keep their spirits up and the hammer hammering!

    1. Yes the wine is a must for sure! Sometimes a glass of red and a night out makes the whole world of difference. I need to put more effort into the praise and encouragement, I have no hesitation to sing the hubs praises when hes not there to hear it but I always seem to forget when hes around. Thanks for a great reminder Michelle x


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