Monday 7 April 2014

Edible finger paints

While all the building is going on right now, we are quite restricted in space, this isn't a big problem as we are making it work but on rainy days it is PAINFUL to keep two very active children entertained in such a small space unless of course they find something that is messy and fun that I can also contain. B is mad keen  on painting and general mess making like most three year olds and her little sis Ally is really into everything that B does so finger painting in the kitchen sounded like a super idea.

This is the recipe I like to use as it's quick and made up of stuff that's usually in the pantry HERE. It lasts a while in sealed glass jars and it's got an interesting gel texture that my girls really love (to eat).

It takes quite a while to dry AND go easy on the food dye - If you are planning to take your kids out later maybe don't give them blue but it is super fun and looks all shiny and textural when it has dried.

I toyed with an alternative title for this post of how to turn your kids into blue smurfs but thought it might not be so popular a search in google...

Now I'm off to scrub my rainbow coloured children so I can take them out of the house tomorow.

Dani xo


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