Tuesday 11 February 2014

Perfect pink girls room

With at the shuffling around with our rennos, little B will be moving to a new room which of course means we need to decorate it!

As she has mostly all the furniture she needs I just want to make a few tweeks to suit her personality better. The two girls will hopefully be sharing a room in the coming months and leaving a spare room to use as a play room so I will be clearing out her room to make it a mostly sleeping space. I am also really hoping this will put an end to the evil little toys scattered over the floor laying in wait of my poor feet when I am checking on little B at night.

Little B is a very girly girl, despite my regular insistence that blue is a great colour she is completely pink obsessed and has been asking for her new room to be a pink princess room. Sorry lovely but we wont be painting your walls in the lurid shade of pink you asked for but I am planning something along these lines..

funky pink girls bedroom
Where to find...
Love print from The Wheat field on Etsy, Gold heart Decals Urbanwalls, Bedframe from Ikea, repainted Queen Anne side table (try gumtree/ ebay/ craigslist for similar), Cushions from Empire Lane designs, Gold vase from Typo, Ombre pink throw DIY project

As for a rug I LOVE this one but its from Target in the U.S of A and they wont ship it overseas even through a third party shipping company so it's a no go. Anyone seen one that is in AU or can ship that's similar?? I would love to know!

Then like a million or so others I adore this now famous print from Tracy Jenkins but I am not sure if I love it enough to pay $100 including postage for it (call me a tight arse if you will) You can find it here at super rural.

She is so excited about moving and getting a new room I really hope she loves it. I can't wait to post some progress pictures of how it comes together.

Dani xo

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