Monday 24 February 2014

Hello Monday

Things have been quite busy around here as of late, nothing new really but the work we have started on the house has certainly amped it up a notch. I'm completely claiming that as my excuse for late homework for Blog with Pip this week.

So without further ado I will take you on a photo journey of  my weekend that just was.

Where you lead I will follow... These two sisters don't always get along but it is so clear how much they love each other. I love how Ally looks up to her older sister and how I overhear little B calling Ally my little darling.

Yep they are totally wearing matching outfits (I'm out of control!)

Friday night the hubs and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, I look back on those five years with a sense of wonder at how much we have done, how much we have grown and how fast that five years has gone.

These little legs took their first ever steps!!! Even though I have been through it all before with little B, I still get so excited at each new milestone. It is so hard to believe that my little baby is so very close to becoming a toddler!

Then I made brownies (gluten and sugar free of course) it was a bit of an experimental recipe but thankfully turned out pretty great.

Then just to pack as much as we could into the weekend, we had a look at the kids fest our town was holding. Little B thinks she is brave but wasn't game enough to take a turn around one of the rides chalk on the pavement and waving her new wand is more her thang. I take some comfort that she is still very much my baby girl

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!



  1. Their matching dresses are soooo cute!

    1. Hehe thanks Bec I feel evil doing it but B was over the moon at having a dress to match her baby sister.

  2. My five year old, is often trying to dress to match her older sister. If she had a dress to match, she 'd be in heaven!

    1. Ok I'm not feeling so evil now if the consensus is matching is good :)

  3. Happy anniversary-love those dresses-such cuties

    1. Thankyou Jenny :) Yes I will admit the girls look quite adorable in their matchy dresses


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