Wednesday 26 February 2014

10 awesome birthday gifts for one year olds

They are my own children and so I know them better than anyone, but every year the same thing happens and I am left scratching my head at what to get them.

The past year has completely flown by with lightning speed and my little baby Ally is about to turn ONE (sob)!!!

So I had a quick chat with Ally about what she is into at the moment and this is what her top picks were...

Shoes- the rubber kind are the best as they are nicest to chew on
Sequins- I know there are a lot of these floating about the house right now after you foolishly let my sis glue with them but I can always do with more to stick in my mouth.
Some electrical cables- like the ones you plug into your laptop I wouldn't mind chewing on one of those..
A new chair or table that I can climb onto- I’m really loving the freaked out reaction I get from you and my dad when it looks like I am about to fall off head first... THAT IS CRAY-CRAY HILARIOUS
Anything that my big sis wants to play with/ doesn't want me to touch.

OK so that's Allys list, here is mine which is neither dangerous or gross but probably more conventional

Books-“ I was read to too much as a child” says no kid ever... Try Each peach pear plum, The Gruffalo or Dear zoo for fun simple and entertaining classics (try the book depository

Busy books- Handmade and unique as your little one, or perhaps if you are feeling crafty make your own.

Foodface plate- As your little darling grows into a toddler, anything that brings some novelty to meal time is a winner

Every child needs a special place to hide away and make believe and these Teepees from Mocka are also quite adorable.

Lelbys beanbag chairs- finally some stylish children's furniture

Pull along toys- Pull allong's from Everearth look cute and will delight your toddler, even at almost 3 B is still very much in love with her pull along pup “Kong-Kong”

Wheelybugs- Little cute critters to whiz around on

First aid kit- chances are with your newly discovered skills of walking/running/climbing  you will be needing this if you don’t already have one 

These amazing pJs and here  

Trunki’s- Every little jet setter should have one of these. Perfect size to stash away some books and activities for travelling with the added bonus of a ride on to play on when waiting around.

If you are feeling stuck for some inspiration for little ones I hope my awesome gift guide was of help, or if you have something to add I would love to hear about it in the comments!!

Dani xo

** Just a quick note to state I was not paid or sponsored in anyway for this gift guide all opinions are my own!


  1. Love your dauhter's list - hilarious! M niece is turning one next month - great inspiration. Thanks!

    1. Haha thanks Emma, I really hope she's not to disappointed that we haven't got her anything from her list!

  2. You can never go wrong with books! Australia Post has a pack of 3 Alison Lester (Australian children's author) books at the moment for $12.95 - I've been stocking up on quite a few packs :-)

    1. That is a great tip Bec! thanks for that one I will remember for next time I'm at the post office!


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