Sunday 12 January 2014

To new beginnings - The good the bad and the downright ugly

I was once superstitious about how the new year kicked off. I had this theory that we all had to be happy and loving life and one another in order to start of the new year on a positive high which would then ensure that the coming year would be wonderful. 

I am not superstitious about it at all anymore because to be honest the lead up to and start of 2013 was beyond s**tful. My dear Dad had recently suffered a very unexpected heart attack, my Mum had some very serious health issues that bubbled up in a terrifying way, I had a bit of a scare with my baby bump and to cap it off, my bag was snatched while I was struggling with a tantruming toddler in 40 degree heat. True it could have been worse and I have no doubt that there are millions out there who have been worse off than me but for me it was a very stressful, angry, frightening and sad time not how I want to begin my year. 

Then something amazing happened, I had a wonderful year. It has been filled with love, laughter, the birth of our second daughter, our older daughter blossoming into a hilarious clever and beautiful little girl, we saw good friends get engaged, get married, announce pregnancies and babies of their own. 

2013 was a year that I was more motivated, rekindled my love of sewing and general craftiness, got into a better routine with the house and the girls,  lost weight that was holding me back and crippling my self esteem,  found myself again. I found peace with the darling hubs working away and realised I'm pretty great on my own too (actually I like it) and happily my parents got better. 

This year has kicked off to an amazing start but if it hadn't I know I would just take it in my stride. There is so much to come this year to be excited about and look forward to so come at me 2014! 

I really hope you all have had a good start to 2014 but if you haven't that’s ok to. Start looking forward- it’s not an evil omen if it was less than ideal.

Without further ado, here are some happy snaps from my year just gone...

Without a doubt my greatest achievement of 2013 was the arrival of our little Ally and seeing the bond between these two sisters grow.

We've also had a lot of fun...

Watched the hubs jump out of a plane to raise money for CF

(and land safely)

I've sewn beautiful things

Tinkerbelle romper Felicity Sewing Patterns

Sweetheart dress Luvinthemommyhood

Bunting for a special couples wedding

Sew like my mom stockings for Christmas

Boo! Pins for my little mermaid

Betsy Kingston ruffle knickers

Ally is wearing Betsy Kingston ruffle pants
B is wearing the Sweetheart dress by luvinthemommyhood
I'm wearing a vintage dress from NeonPony in Perth city

Plus I've made a made a whole lotta cakes for the many celebrations we've had

Sweetapolita sprinkles cake 

Sweetapolita again

And again, you lured me in with the words "Chocolate Nutella Cloud" 

There's hope for me yet, I Quit Sugar raspberry swirl cheesecake who would have thought sugarfree deserts could look and taste so good?!

The best bit of all, was this little family of mine

- Dani xo


  1. Aww Danni I love reading your blog! your so creative, what a great year you guys have had, and you look like a supermodel!! Happy 2014!

  2. So glad that 2013 was a better year for you hun :) So much can happen in 12 months can't it!
    Those pictures are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you make of 2014 xo

    1. Thanks Cass, it blows me away to think how much can change in a year. Looking forward to a happy and busy year for 2014 hope you have a fabulous one too! x

  3. Aww!! You and your family are so beautiful Dani! You all look so happy and your little ones are gorgeous. I'm so glad that the start of 2014 was a much better start for you than the start of 2013. Now that I've found your blog, I can't wait to read your adventures in 2014 :) Hope it's a fabulous year for you.

    1. Thankyou so much Maya you are too sweet :) They keep me on my toes that is for sure! Lovely to find your blog too and excited to read about your nerd exploits this year x


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