Monday 28 October 2013

Stating the obvious...

I have been disappointingly absent from my little blog for a while as it turns out running a household whilst doing my best to me a good mummy to a baby and a two and a half year old and everything else I want to achieve is actually super hard! Even as I write I have that bugging feeling there is something else I need to be doing..

I have been quite busy as of late though and if you would like to follow what I am up to please make sure you check out my Instagram account!

I have a few (hopefully) interesting posts in the works at the moment which I am just finishing off taking photos of. In the meantime I thought I might include some quick snaps of what we have been up to in the darling household...

healthy living

I made a wild decision back in May to make a bigger attempt at a healthier lifestyle for myself. Green smoothies, lots of veggies and no more cake and sugar for me! Turns out its agreed with me and I feel better than ever plus I had the added bonus of 13kg lost from le bum hopefully forever!

cutest baby ever

This gorgeous little darling has made the move out of her baby cradle into her cot and is finally sleeping a little better.  I am probably biased here but this just makes my heart melt....


While little Alice sleeps I have had a bit more time for some sewing! Happy days!!! A little sweetheart dress for Little B from Luvinthemommyhood and one for me from Pattern Runway.

My sneaky little B has discovered her dolls house early and has been road testing it for me while I lovingly work on restoring it for her and her sister.

I have even had more than 5 hours sleep in one go recently! Don't we look glamourous first thing in the morning??

Hopefully you are having a wonderful day!

Dani xo


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Thats aeesome. I dont think I could do the whole smoothy thing.
    I have a 12 wk old, 2.5 older and an almost 13 yr old. Trying to find the time to sew and blog gets tricky! It does get easier though. I find myself doing alot of my blog stuff via my phone during feeds at the moment.
    I will have to see if Im following you on instagram. x

    1. Thanks Cassandra :) and that is an excellent idea about writing while feeding. The shakes are definitely not a frequent thing for me as I prefer to chew my food but fantastic to whip up for a good filling on the go meal :)

  2. I love that heart feature on the dress , just gorgeous!

    1. Thankyou Clare I love it too I must update with some finished product shots :)


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