Thursday 24 January 2013

Room Transformation part 2 (and a paint calamity)

After a whole lot of agonising, we decided to paint B2s room a calming grey.

Typical man style, Mr Domestic didn't care for the finer details of what grey we would use, nor was he interested in getting some sample pots and testing out the different options. He bluntly told me "just pick a grey and I will go and get it, we are not mucking around with samples". I bit the bullet and picked a colour and crossed my fingers that it was going to work!

A very tired and unimpressed Mr Domestic

Here we are all ready to roll!

First coat went down and I was feeling pretty happy with how it was looking and then we ran out of paint...

Not really a big deal as we are only 10 mins from the hardware shop so a quick drive and Mr Domestic was back on the job with the second coat.

Hang on, there is something not quite right here, should the second coat look like a totally different colour to the first coat and the cutting in?

Mr Domestic assured me that it just needs to dry and it will lighten up to the right colour.

The next morning we have this

Well at least I know I am not crazy and seeing things!

Another trip to the hardware store to find out what on earth they have given us and half a day of painting  later we are back in business.

It turns out the person mixing the paint used the wrong brand of paint colourant to mix up our second batch. The moral of this story is to always double check they are mixing the exact same colour, take the original paint tin with you so you can be 100% sure. It will save you a whole lot of extra work!

Ahhh that's better

1950's art deco ceilings

These beautiful ceilings are why we fell in love with this house when we were looking to buy. If only we knew then what we know now how much work it took to finish off the rest of the house! (we would have still bought it haha)

Mr Domestics man style DIY curtaining, a white drop sheet will have to do until the Roman blinds are ready. Little B2 will be sharing his or her sanctuary with mummy's sewing things until our extension is up and habitable

Here we are looking back at the new wall which once opened up into the kitchen.

I am really loving the soft colour of the grey against the white window trims and ceiling I think B2 will love their new room too.

Obviously we have a fair bit left to do here until this is a finished room, but its starting to come together pretty nicely don't you think?



  1. Grey is an awesome colour for walls. It picks up the colour of light (sunrises, sunsets) really well. I am sure it will be a beautiful room.

  2. Love your room and that col our is beautiful!

  3. Is it the Grey Gamut colour that you used for the room?


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