Tuesday 22 January 2013

Little B's Big girl room

Little B doesn't know it yet but she is about to make a very charitable donation of her cot to the new baby. Seeing as she will have no bed we figure its only fair that we make sure we replace it with something nice for her.

After having a brief look around for bedroom settings and then Mr Domestic setting my budget at "spend as little as possible" I took this as a fun but time consuming challenge! After visiting her gorgeous cousins in the Hunter Valley and seeing cousin Rubes beautiful room, I have been totally in love with vintage style wrought iron beds.

With this in mind, I was inspired to create a fun eclectic room for little B that felt inviting and girly. I wanted the room to be able to grow with her so lots of good storage and easily update-able pieces were a must.

We found this darling bed in the local online classified and it was a done deal

vintage girls bed

vintage wrought iron girls bed

Next on the agenda was a dresser to keep her mountains of clothes, accessories and shoes nice and neat and I just couldn't go past this one at Ikea (on sale I might add!). With a few personalized touches I think it will be perfect.

Ikea dresser

My best "buy" yet is this sweet little trunk, my neighbors actually left out on the road side for collection. A few coats of white spray paint and some scrap fabric and quilt batting left over from a previous project and it is the perfect place to store some of her unused toys. You would never know its a roadside freebie!

updated toy trunk

My last purchase is this little queen Anne bedside table. I'm not sure what it was about this particular style but I was like a woman on a mission looking through the classified ads until I found this exact one.

vintage bedside table
Don't mind my super clean floors in this picture!

I might be crazy but I think this needs to be another colour just to break up all the whiteness of everything...

All up including paint, fabric and a new mattress, this still worked out less than a cheap and rickety bedroom setting from a budget furniture store which has kept Mr Domestic happy and little B is over the moon with her big girl things.

Still have a bit to do before we can sign off on this one but we are almost there....



  1. Great work - the room looks fabulous and I just love all the vintage inspired touches you've added

  2. The room is looking lovely well done. I'm working on my teen boys' room, arggg wish they were little again!

  3. Thankyou :) I agree it's fun when they are little enough you can still inflict your personal taste on them!


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