Sunday 18 November 2012

Half job Harry

Mr Domestic Darling has a really annoying name for me, Half job Harry...

To be fair, this is probably not completely unfounded but it still drives me crazy. I like to think of it as my amazing creative mind just goes into overdrive and then gets burnt out quickly. Really that makes me more like fireworks or a spectacular flower that blooms for only one day and dies right?......


Ok let's look at a few of my latest half jobs, hopefully that will give me a kick start again to finish them off.

The doll I started making six months ago for my gorgeous niece.... Sorry about that one love

Kinda creepy all eyeless and naked don't you think? At least she's done her hair!

The cute wooden chair, I have amazing plans of sanding back and painting a bright funky colour to sit in our hallway. Right now it's good at keeping the ants away from Deadly dog’s food...

See the good bit where I have started sanding?

You know what? I'm feeling inspired already!

The for good measure ;)

Black maternity dress I am making to hopefully wear and look hot and all pregnant in when I go on dates with Mr Domestic. I swear this one will be finished soon I might even throw in a tute on modifying a t-shirt to dress tute in the coming weeks ;)

Apologies for the horrid photo here, I swear this dress looks much better on.

The metal railing on our front veranda, wait I'm not counting that one as we got someone in to finish the job but I totally helped by painting on an excellent undercoat.

Really I’m just skimming over the jobs I have started and not ever finished. If I were to get Mr Domestic to write the list it would definitely be a whole lot longer and much more brutal. Lucky for me I’m pretty sure he doesn't read this.

I am fairly certain I am not alone here with piles of half jobs, how many do you have?



  1. I love this! I am the same. Some projects get completed and some abandoned. I think you just have to go with the flow. But the doll is so lovely you should finish her. And that chair! I'd love to see the chair finished. A have a fox brooch that would be about a 20 minute job tops, that has been sitting on my coffee table, half-finished, for weeks. Its driving me bananas! But I still haven't done it.

    1. Haha yes Laura I like that go with the flow sounds so much better. Would you believe the doll never did make its way to my neice, she still had no face but my little Ally found her and really likes her (creepy but cute). Oh and that chair is still not finished either lol but I DO have paint for it now at least haha.
      I have found that blogging about stuff I am making helps motivate me to complete the job you should share a post about your fox brooch!


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