Monday 5 November 2012

Grand plans

I have a (not so secret) little secret to share with my first post, out little family of three is about to become a family of four! After a horrendous summer** two years ago being heavily pregnant, I swore  never ever to do it again over the heat of a Perth summer but funnily enough here I am heading into yet another summer with a bub arriving in Feburary.

Something else I swore I would never do while pregnant was attempt to renovate. Trust me when I say the combination of a hormonal (sweaty) pregnant woman, no functioning bathroom, and a houseful of tradies (strangers) and dust spells epic meltdown and a traumatized husband. However once again I have lost my mind and have plans to undertake our biggest renovation yet.

If we can pull this one off our sweet little 1950's two bedroom one bathroom home will become a modern functional three bedroom two bath home with a home office/ sewing/spare room with a new kitchen dining and family area. Sounds great doesn't it?

Sorry for the sad effort of a before picture, unfortunately in our excitement to start beautifying our little house we forgot to take proper pictures!

I am very lucky to have a talented friend who just so happens to be a building designer and has come up with an amazing design to bring our dream home into reality - so stay tuned for some exciting updates!


** just to note, the unbearable heat experienced in Perth was not just my imagination we had the longest consecutive nights over 25 degrees c on record and is now the officially hottest summer in Perth on record!

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