Friday 30 November 2012

Getting ready for B2

One of the best things about expecting is the fun of planning and doing up a new room for your little arrival.

B2 is a mystery baby so I have been looking for ideas that are gender neutral but still fun. I will be spending a whole lota time in there once buba has arrived so I think its important that it's a space thats comfortable and enjoyable for mama too.

There are so many great blogs out there with creative ideas for inspiring a gorgeous nursery, I am loving Chic Cheap nursery at the moment. With all the expenses of our impending renovation you had me at cheap ;)

Here is my current ideas board

1. Riley Blake Med Chevron in Aqua -Hawthorne Threads
2. Riley Blake Small dots in Yellow -Hawthorne Threads
3. Michael Miller Bunting -Hawthorne Threads
4. Expedit shelving unit -Ikea
5. Room inspiration -Chic cheap nursery
6. Circus train reusable fabric wall decal -Pop & Lolli
7. Strandmon wingchair - Ikea

I have a wooden window pelmet all ugly and plain and just hanging out to be covered in that gorgeous Riley Blake aqua chevron. If I can convince Granny domestic too say yes, she has a beautiful old red wingback chair she had shipped out from Scotland that will save us getting the Ikea one.

Our one big expense in this room will really be the wall decal from Pop & Lolli but I think for the quality and impact it will have on the room it will be well worth it.

We will be doing a lot of recycling this time around as Little B is not so little she will be donating her cot and change table to her new baby bro or sis. That means a new room for Little B with a big girl bed Yay

I'm not sure how it came about but little B is currently confused between beds and beards (Mr Domestic was growing one to accompany his mo for Mo-vember). I guess they do sound similar to say but I will admit I was a bit crushed when I asked her "would you like to go look at big girl beds today baby?" her reply, "Beard?" while rubbing my chin... oh dear :/

**I can honestly say there is not a trace of a beard on my chin FYI.

Make sure to stay tunned to check on my progress.


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